Makeover Step 8 – Install Hardscapes

Now that  you’ve got your project site marked out, it’s time to start installing the hardscapes.  This is where we all get dirty!  It may also be the time you decide to call in a professional.  Whether you’re going it alone or with help, we’ll get you through the process as quickly and easily as possible.

When it comes to installation, the hardscapes go in first.  Next, the large plantings, followed by the “filler plants”.  The filler plants fill in and tie together features where it’s necessary.

Start from the bottom..literally

After all the planning and drawing, it’s finally time to break ground!   The big question is where to start?  Most yard designs will require some sort of excavation.   If this is the case, the first step in installation will be to excavate the site.  Most homeowners will choose to have a professional excavator perform this step.  Only very small projects can be excavated by hand.

Take a look at your entire project. If you will be completing the entire project in one season, it’s best to do all the excavating for the entire site all at once.  This will save you time and money.  On, the other hand, if you will be installing your design over a long period of time, you can excavate for each landscape feature individually.

Once you’ve excavated, you can start building your hardscape features. In general, you want to install the largest and most difficult hardscapes first, but give this some thought before starting.  Make sure that you don’t block access to other parts of your site by installing hardscapes.   Install in the order that works best for the site.  Lawns are generally put in last.

Once your hardscapes are installed, your project will start to look like a finished product.

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