Makeover Step 2 – Set the Style

Now that you have set your design goal, the next step is to refine it by setting a style for your yard.  This will help you select your landscape features and even your outdoor furniture later on in the process.  If you’ve arrived at this step without setting a goal, I strongly suggest you go back and visit the Setting Goals section before going forward.

Setting the style of your design is easy!  To do this, just close your eyes and think of your goal.  Picture yourself in your transformed property. (Now that you have set your goal, it’s OK to start thinking about what your yard will look like!)  How does it feel?  What’s the atmosphere like?

To act as a guide for you through the design process, create a list of adjectives that describe your transformed yard.  These should go along with your goal.

Here are some examples:

GOAL: “De-stress my life by creating a relaxing retreat on my property”

STYLE:  relaxing, tranquil, peaceful, beautiful, easy, private

GOAL:  “Entertain more by creating a place to entertain in my yard”

STYLE:  fun, social, friendly, open

GOAL:  “Make my yard the place where my kids friends gather, so I don’t have to drive them everywhere”

STYLE:  Fun, social, big, accessible, indestructible, safe

It’s worth the effort to write these adjectives down.  Write down as many as possible.  The more you can articulate and describe your vision, the easier it will be to create it later.

Here are some other aspects of style you might want to consider:

  • Private vs. open
  • Fun vs. intimate
  • Relaxing vs. active
  • Accessible vs. secluded

Put your goal statement and your list of adjectives together.   Write them down and display them where you can easily see them.  These will act as your guide through the rest of the process.  Everything you put into your design will be tested against the goal and style of your design.  That includes everything from plants to patio pavers to outdoor furniture!

Congratulations!  Now you’ve set the foundation for your yard makeover!

The next steps will get you choosing features and laying out your new design.