Design Your Own Dream Yard

So, now that you’ve conquered the basics of design (if not, check out Think Like a Garden Designer), you’re already ahead of most “landscapers”.    You may start to notice how poorly designed most landscapes are.  This is easy to see even in some very expensive neighborhoods where lots of money has been spent on landscaping.  Landscapers tend to spend big money on exotic trees and shrubs and place them haphazardly around the property.

We’re going to find that you don’t need to invest in exotic plants to create amazing results.   Friends and neighbors will be more impressed by how good your yard feels to be in than how much you’ve spent on showy specimen trees.

The makeover of your yard will be a process that starts with a specific goal and ends with a beautifully planted landscape.  So then, how do we take our new knowledge of design and use it to transform our yard?  Even with a firm understanding of the laws of design, it may still seem like a daunting process.  Like any big undertaking, it’s best to break down the process into steps.

In this section, we’ll look at the entire transformation process step by step.  Treat this like a practice run of the actual process.  Read through the steps of the process first, then, when you grasp the concepts, you can go through the process again and actually transform your yard in the same step-by-step process.

So, enough with the introductions, let’s get designing……

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